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tattoo removal

Ruby lasers are the first laser to be made functional that provide a series of pulses that make it more stronger than any other laser. One of the treatment Ruby Laser is providing is TATTOO REMOVAL. For some, tattoos represent an impulsive decision that now may affect the rest of their lives. For others, the tattoos from their youth are simply no longer relevant to their lives today. The laser technology provides the means for your tattoo to be removed safely and quickly and in most cases, without leaving a scar. No matter the size, color, location or age of the tattoo, our lasers get the ink out without damaging the skin.

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Before treatment:

  1. Avoid sun exposure or tanning cream 2 weeks before treatment.
  2. Avoid applying creams or make up before treatment.
  3. Numbing cream can be applied as per patients request.

After treatment:

  1. Do not rub the treated area.

2. Apply antibiotic cream 2 times a day or as recommended.

What to Expect:

  1. Redness or swelling maybe present but will subside within 2-3 days
  2. After each treatment sessions, you will see the tattoo become lighter.